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PPC Management And How The Professionals Can Help In It?

16 Jun , 2017  

Pay-Per-Click Management or PPC Management is considered as one of the most effective methods of online advertising. Although Pay-Per-Click is known as a really effective method of online advertising, the use of PPC advertising should be handled with proper care.

Good PPC management service is capable of creating, setting up, running, developing and maintaining one or more than one PPC campaigns, which can bring top quality visitors to the sites on a regular basis. Besides, a good PPC management is also capable of making it sure that the PPC campaigns are operated at the optimal performance level.

But before getting more information on PPC management, it is better to learn a few things about PPC.

What is PPC?

Basically, PPC works as a method of advertising, which most of the individuals and business owners use on a regular basis to generate considerable business revenue. Some of the businesses even outsource specialized PPC firms or employ full time staff members to offer PPC management service on a regular basis.

One of the most important things to do to compete in the field of PPC is to establish and maintain good skills of PPC management. Without the right PPC management technique, one can’t utilize or take the advantage of PPC advertising platform.

Reasons for considering professionals for effective PPC management service:

  • Selection of the best campaign: One of the best methods of starting a PPC management campaign is to select the right campaign type in Google AdWords. This is the step, which will help to set off the campaign on the proper foot. As every business has some different goals, therefore it becomes necessary to choose the right campaign type for the need of a business.
  • Continuous monitoring: If you consider PPC campaign as one living organism, then it is important to facilitate a number of elements to grow the campaign. This is where the assistance of professionals is needed. The professionals will ensure that the right PPC campaign is updated constantly for the best results. Besides, the professionals also help to track both the conversion rates and click through rates of PPC campaigns, which actually measure ROI through SEO reports.
  • Research of keyword: The keywords are really helpful for showing up the ads for the clients, who are interested in any business. Here the main goal is to match the keywords with the actual terms that the clients are in search of. In most of the cases, managing a keyword list needs a thorough analysis of price, search volume and competitiveness.
  • Quality score measuring: With the quality score, it is possible to measure relevance and general quality of the ads. With the quality score, it is also possible to get information on where an ad would be positioned.
  • Tracking conversion: Tracking the conversion is really beneficial in measuring the ROI. So, whether it is getting more newsletter signups, video views or phone calls, it is actually possible to track the actions of specific customers, which your ad leads to. To get accurate results, it is better to have the experts, who will set up the conversion tracking properly.

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Top 4 Hosting Plans of FatCow Website Hosting

5 Jun , 2017  

Website hosting services are hot cakes right now. Most of the website hosts provide a long list of services and charge us for that. These hosts are now very crucial in terms of business or even other purposes like educational, entertainment and more. When we’re talking about website hosting, FatCow Web hosting is a name we cannot miss, as on the FatCow reviews, here are the top 4 hosting plans offered by them and also a little insight into the plans.

Top 4 Hosting Plans of FatCow Website Hosting

FatCow dominantly provides four distinct kinds of website hosting services, and those are the WordPress blog, the Original FatCowPlan, dedicated servers and VPS services.

  • WordPress Blog

If you need to start a WordPress blog, you just have to sign up for FatCow’s WordPress blog hosting. The starter plan is priced at $3.75 mo, and the essential plan is priced at $6.95 mo. Both these plans have customizable control panel features, core hosting techniques, boosted speed, plug-ins, and other great features.

  • Original FatCowPlan

This is a shared hosting plan with an introductory price of $3.15 mo. The renewal of this plan costs $8.95 mo. The plan has features like unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and email addresses. You are also eligible for $50 social networking credits on signing up for this plan. This plan comes with a 1GB JustCloud storage as well as a website builder and domain name to get you going.

  • Dedicated servers

There are three options to choose from under the dedicated server plan. The first is the Start-up plan with 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 500GB storage, 5TB bandwidth. They have the Professional plan which is double of the Start-up plan, and lastly, you have the Enterprise plan with 4 cores, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage, 15TB bandwidth. The range of the dedicated server plans ranges from $119.99-$191.99 mo. The dedicated servers have independent control.

  • VPS Hosting

At FatCow you can avail three distinct VPS Hosting plans. The Basic plan comes with 1 core, 1GB RAM, 40GB storage, 1TB bandwidth. Then you have the Business plan with 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 90GB storage, 3TB bandwidth. Lastly, you have the Optimum plan with 4 cores, 8GB RAM, 120GB storage, 4TB bandwidth. The range varies from $19.99 to $79.99 mo for the three VPS hosting plan.

Apart from these affordable and very well designed hosting plans, there are two notable things about FatCow web hosting that are very mentionable, those are the discounts they provide and their hosting uptime.

  • Random discounts

FatCow is a happy place of discounts, and almost every time there are either weekend promotions or special knock-off discounts on a daily basis. The plan prices and additional charges are superbly splashed during those times.

  • Hosting uptime

The record time for FatCow hosting uptime has been captured to be 99.85-99.9% accurate. This percentile values have remained constant for the past couple years.

These are the facts that you need to know about FatCow web hosting to have a sketchy idea about what they provide and the additional. For more details about their plans, just Google them.

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SQL Injection Attacks: What they are and why it’s necessary to check code to prevent future attacks

5 Jun , 2017  

SQL injection attacks

Structured Query Language, or (SQL), is a code injection technique that primarily focusses on attacked data-driven applications. It is mainly used to attack websites, (although can be used in other respects), and it takes advantage of any vulnerable points in a software’s security system.

What is an SQL injection?

To put it simply, SQL injection attacks poorly designed applications by injecting the computer with a malevolent code that then sits and waits in the applications database. The code is triggered when certain things are imputed into the application. For example; An application that could be running all the operations for a bank may require enabled permissions to access a person’s personal details; these details are attached to the customer in the system by what is known as data points. The data point in this example would or could be the customer’s social security number. When the customer is then searched in the system, this triggers the SQL query which, without the user knowing, runs a sort of ‘background check’ on the individual searched. However, this search actually ends up feeding hackers private and Sensitive information about that person.

There are two types of attacks that can be used first order attacks and second order attacks. First order sends information directly to the hacker; second order attacks are when the hacker injects data into the database to later be triggered. The above example is one of the easier ways in which SQL injection can be used, but there are many more intricate hacks for which SQL injection can be put to work.

Why is it necessary to check code to prevent future attacks?

Checking code, through the services of Checkmarx, is the best way to try to prevent any future attacks, solely due to the fact that any SQL injection will sit in the coding somewhere in the applications background database. So if you think about it, doing regular coding checks will make you more aware of what the code for your system looks like.  You will therefore be able to spot any irregularities in it, if there are any. Inspecting the text of the parameters to look for various key words can help to prevent SQL.

SQL is something that when injected into your application, can end up being very successful in hacking your databases and enabling the hackers access to information that would previously have been encrypted. Make sure that you check your coding regularly and that you have up to date and top of the line applications in place that can also help prevent future attacks from SQL injections.

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Top 5 Chiropractic SEO Mistakes!

31 May , 2017  

chiropractic seo firm

In the world of internet, the success of any business process depends on their preference among people, and today’s internet plays a major role in determining their level of preference. Such a method is also applicable to the medical treatment centers, and as these centers directly deal with the health of people, people tend to care more in selecting the suitable treatment centers.  With a large number of such centers available today their preference among people depends on their social exposure among people. And carrying out such practices is not as easy as it sounds! In such cases, there are certain business organizations involved in providing such improved online marketing strategies to the other business organizations and these are called digital marketing firms. These firms follow various SEO techniques that result in increasing the business traffic to the websites of their client organizations. One among such would the clever solution a well-known chiropractic seo firm that promotes the medical organizations among people.

Steps in digital marketing!

As mentioned above it becomes necessary to remain popular among people for establishing a successful business organization. The same goes for medical centers, here it is more useful for people to find the exact relief they are looking for a very long time for the experienced professional rather than consulting a general physician for various health defects. Thus such increased business improvements are made with the help of modern SEO techniques. These SEO stands for the search engine optimization, as the name indicates it involves the optimization of the search results of the online search engines for increasing the visibility of the organization among people. Following effective seo techniques is not easy as people think it is! Rather than following the same method, today many of the organizations have innovative ideas to attain more people’s attention. However, these SEO organizations perform certain common mistakes that make their services to be non-effective. This includes content writing, keyword framing, link management, Meta descriptions, user interface designs etc.

The importance of SEO!

Among the various factors that determine the effectiveness of the business operations on the internet, the website design and its contents play a very important role in determining their website rankings among the search results of search engines like Google, Bing etc. Thus, these marketing firms  adopt various modern strategies to improve their quality of the content.Their website designs in many ways  it becomes necessary to be aware of the fact that these search engines adopt various improved search algorithms.So, it becomes necessary to remain compatible with all such changes. This requires an updated domain knowledge and expertise. Many of the SEO firms have started using infographics where the information is represented in pictures more visually than just paragraphs. Keywords and the Meta description along with the link building procedures are also important for increasing the search ranks. The chiropractic SEO and Marketing Services at Clever Solution involves all such modern strategies; in addition, it also involves directory submissions and the traffic analysis to ensure the effective operation of SEO. Thus, selecting such a popular chiropractic seo firm would be the smart way to overcome several difficulties and improve the business operations.

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Features of a Membership Software SquareSpace website

27 May , 2017  

The easy to do business and creating a database that makes your work easy and more is what membership software can help you with. The below are the various Membership Software SquareSpace features that can definitely help you in a number of ways.

Customization: With the membership software, you can create a membership database that you can customize as per your need. You can either have it to be accessed only by admin or you can allow the members to update it. The fields can also be put up on the members’ directory.

Labelling: This will help you make groups as per different levels. If you have different committees, then they can be named as per various labels. This helps when you want to send a group mail to the members. Even when you want to get information about the members, the labelling can help.

Search: Sometimes, you need to contact a particular member or you want particular information, you can easily avail them as it is easy to search with the help of membership software. You can use the name of the member, the label given to the group or even use keywords to search. Getting information is thus easy and quick with the software.

Emails: The other advantage of the customized search is that you can send emails to either any one of the members or to a group. There is also provision for automated emails which send out emails to welcome new members, acknowledge payments, remind for renewals and also send out due notices. You can get daily reports and updates through an email that comes to you every day with notes on all the activities.

Timeline: One of the best features of Membership Software SquareSpace is that it gives you a timeline of each member’s activity. You can see events, notes, history, payments made, donations, etc. on the timeline. This timeline is incorporated with the events and also with billing so as to make payment process easy and faster. So, you need not manually worry about event registration or renewals.

Application templates: The software allows you to make application templates which come with customized fields, different form tabs, questions and so on. You will also be able to show or cover any parts of the application as per the level of the membership.

Renewal process: There is provision for members to have their own accounts on the site wherein they can use their email address to sign it and use it for various purposes such as get deals, list in directories, update their accounts and even do the renewal and upgrade of their memberships. The biggest advantage of Membership Software is that it makes the site user-friendly and convenient for members.

In addition to these various features, the Membership Software also helps the site in a number of ways. It allows backups everyday and along with facilitates databases that work in high speed. It also secures the site against data loss and also prevents intrusion of any kind that will pose threat to data.