Do You Still Need a Receptionist in the Office?

31 Jul , 2018  

Receptionist in the Office

In a time when businesses are cutting down their costs of operations to improve their profits, there is one question that many people ask – is a receptionist still essential? There are now alternatives that promise to be more cost-effective, such as, a sign-in app that works very much like an actual receptionist. But, will such innovations work to make visitors feel safe and welcomed? Continue reading and we’ll try to find an answer to this question.

The Death of the Traditional Receptionist

Especially in the case of big offices and corporate headquarters, a receptionist is indispensable. In fact, in one article from Forbes, the author notes that a clueless receptionist today can lead to a bankrupt business tomorrow. This is basically because the receptionist is the one who welcomes and bids farewell to visitors. It plays a major role in the image of the company and the emotions of the visitors.

However, in an effort to cut down on costs, many companies have decided to let go of the human receptionist. There are new technologies that can take over their role, or even perform the roles in a manner that is better.

The Rise of the Digital Receptionist

These days, many companies are no longer looking for traditional human receptionists. Instead, they are looking for digital receptionists. The latter will provide an advanced way of receiving visitors in the office and directing them to the contact persons. A normal process will work like this. Using a tablet, the visitor will sign in. they will leave their names, signatures, and a photo will be taken. They will also input the name of the person they are visiting. The person will be automatically notified. The technology will also issue visitor badges for proper identification.

The best thing about a digital receptionist is the fact that the company will be able to enjoy huge savings, especially in the long run. Even the initial cost of acquiring the program does not hurt the pocket, making it an ideal solution even for small businesses. You won’t have to think of giving a human receptionist monthly salary and incentives.

More so, a digital receptionist is also beneficial because it speeds up the process of receiving visitors. There is no human interaction, but things will proceed seamlessly, especially when the visitors understand how the process works.

Compared to not having any receptionist at all, a digital platform is better because it provides visitors with a feeling of security. It will also be easy to monitor who came to the office since the pictures will be taken.

With a digital receptionist, it will also be easier for the business to establish a positive brand image. Job applicants and potential clients who experienced the digital receptionist will surely be impressed.

At the end of the day, yes, a receptionist is still essential. However, it should be pointed out that it does not necessarily have to exist in the form of an actual person. It could be in the form of a virtual technology, such as a digital receptionist.

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Getting funds without risking your collaterals

4 Dec , 2017  

Every business or the research needs funds for their growth. There are various types of secured loans that are provided by the companies to let the business owners run their firm successfully. In these secured loans, you have to keep your collateral as a guarantee. Like many research institutes or software development companies or any particular person who is working on any software needs the funds for several expenses included in their project. There comes the option of unsecured loans which any person can take for their project without keeping their collaterals.

These unsecured loans are provided by the companies who are interested in your project and can provide you the instant funds needed. This loan includes personal loans, credit cards and student’s loans. Companies after finishing the working on any technical project are left with small fundings and require a good amount of funding for their advertisement; they can take these unsecured loans.

These unsecured loans can be term or revolving loans. Revolving loans mostly include the personal and credit loans where a particular amount is fixed that can be credited, repaid and you can spend it again. While, in term loans, borrower needs to pay a particular amount of installment each month until the loan gets paid off.

Various conditions of unsecured loans

In taking these add unsecured bad credit loans direct lenders many companies’ sees benefit as here you don’t have to collect your collaterals and you can easily get the loans based on your credit numbers or on your future revenues. These companies’ loans are unsecured as instead of securing your collateral they ask you to give a postdated check or agree for automatic withdrawal from their account to repay that loan. Interest rates that these companies charge is high depending upon the risk included in your project.

If any person defaults in paying unsecured loans, then these companies cannot possess your collateral instead they can take you to the court or can approach to the collection agency to collect their funds.

Like if a person who is working independently on any software project is getting the funding from any particular software company. While working on any project it might be possible that company finds out any lacking point or any faults in your project and stops funding you for your project. In that case you can make approach to these companies that provide these unsecured loans where you can be provided the loan based on the quality of your project.