Tips In Choosing Your Medical Website Designer

29 Jun , 2017  

How do you find a specialized medical website designer who can facilitate you with medical advertising? In the healthcare industry, website is an efficient tool used to communicate and drive in more patients. And in order to achieve this, website design is exceptionally important.

Now that you’ve finally decided to start a website, your chosen medical website designers team should possess important qualities, such as persistence, dedication and good implementation. A professional web designer must be willing to become your guide to the field of medical marketing and ensure your web design appears client-friendly and efficient.

Why do healthcare professionals need a medical website?

The reasons are visible. These days, you will see that increasingly more people use the internet for almost any purpose. If you don’t have a website yet, then you are missing out incredible opportunities.

A good website by a reliable web design company can attract more patients. Not only that! It can also ease the time-consuming process for your clients and can develop your reputation as a certified practitioner.

How to choose a professional medical website designer or company?

It is strongly advised that the web design professional or agency you opt for your medical practice must the right fit. Our right fit is not exactly the same. The choice still depends on your unique needs. But in the pool of competing web design companies or service providers, there are a few characteristics that are really important.

When hiring a designer for your medical website, make sure he meets the standards so you’ll be on your way to increasing client numbers and maintaining satisfied clientele.

Your medical website designer must:

  • Have a local search engine optimization. The professionals must identify the importance of in-house SEO in shaping the success of your medical practice.
  • Maintain a clean and advanced aesthetic on a constant basis. Look at the portfolio of your preferred web design designer or agency. Is the aesthetic design simple, orderly and neat? Is the structuring of the content direct? It is important to be in touch with your patients with the right emotions using visual navigation and design.
  • Know the importance of content strategy. Content strategy conveys more than the role of a search engine optimization. When optimizing website results, Google doesn’t look at keywords only. Instead, it looks for Meta tags and key sentences that provide a clear, relevant and accurate description of the healthcare practice.
  • Offer ease of medical website maintenance. Your website design should not be a one and done deal. Consider your investment and future by making sure the company or service provider makes use of a platform that is easily accessible as well as suitable for easy maintenance.

If you really want to aim real success of your veterinary marketing or dental marketing, start by having a professional-looking website design. Not to worry if you’re not skillful in this area, because the professionals will do the job on your behalf. Your professional web designer should have the ability and skills to help you attain your healthcare advertising goals.

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5 Common Career Branding Mistakes to Avoid

28 Jun , 2017  

While searching for a job, you need to do some sort of self-branding. This is just a compacted version of you as a professional and a person. But many job seekers tend to overlook this and end up failing to create a stellar brand of themselves. In case your personal career branding needs some kind of attention then you should avoid the following mistakes. Employers are very quick to catch them and reject the candidates.Therefore, you need to keep them in mind.

Here are five career branding mistakes to avoid when you are looking for job vacancies:

  1. Overselling Yourself: If you have a whole lot of certificates, degrees, and awards, you would definitely want to proudly display your trophies. These achievements are a part of who you are, but they don’t define you. The achievements you add to your career branding should be focused solely on the job title you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a data entry job, then you don’t need a certificate in physical education in your personal branding file.
  2. Extra Self Praise: It is kind of similar to overselling, but in this what people tend to do is to boast of what they have done and how great they are. They think they are trying to show the employers that they cannot operate without you. If you do this, people would lose interest fairly quickly and your image would be hurt because of this.
  3. Abstract Statements: Speaking generally and with abstract statements is good if you are speaking about a lot of information in a very short amount of time. But when you are marketing your brand, the interviewers would like some details and hard facts. In case you have something tangible in your work, then you should use it.
  4. Being Too Focused on the Task: Generally, tasks are the best way of showing what has been done by you, but your career branding is much more than just a simple task. Your brand shouldn’t focus on just tasks, but the reason behind doing them also. In case you created a successful application, why did you do it and what was the approach. The interesting stuff that the interviewer is looking for is in the reasons for doing the task.
  5. Rigid Communication: You need to be very professional in your communication, especially when you are showing off your personal brand. This doesn’t mean that you need to describe everything like you have crammed it a night earlier. You should be as real as possible and converse with the interviewer rather than be like a tape recorder.

Career branding is a person’s statement. Whether it is just a cover letter or an elevator pitch, you need to be very careful and avoid the above mentioned mistakes at all costs.


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PPC Management And How The Professionals Can Help In It?

16 Jun , 2017  

Pay-Per-Click Management or PPC Management is considered as one of the most effective methods of online advertising. Although Pay-Per-Click is known as a really effective method of online advertising, the use of PPC advertising should be handled with proper care.

Good PPC management service is capable of creating, setting up, running, developing and maintaining one or more than one PPC campaigns, which can bring top quality visitors to the sites on a regular basis. Besides, a good PPC management is also capable of making it sure that the PPC campaigns are operated at the optimal performance level.

But before getting more information on PPC management, it is better to learn a few things about PPC.

What is PPC?

Basically, PPC works as a method of advertising, which most of the individuals and business owners use on a regular basis to generate considerable business revenue. Some of the businesses even outsource specialized PPC firms or employ full time staff members to offer PPC management service on a regular basis.

One of the most important things to do to compete in the field of PPC is to establish and maintain good skills of PPC management. Without the right PPC management technique, one can’t utilize or take the advantage of PPC advertising platform.

Reasons for considering professionals for effective PPC management service:

  • Selection of the best campaign: One of the best methods of starting a PPC management campaign is to select the right campaign type in Google AdWords. This is the step, which will help to set off the campaign on the proper foot. As every business has some different goals, therefore it becomes necessary to choose the right campaign type for the need of a business.
  • Continuous monitoring: If you consider PPC campaign as one living organism, then it is important to facilitate a number of elements to grow the campaign. This is where the assistance of professionals is needed. The professionals will ensure that the right PPC campaign is updated constantly for the best results. Besides, the professionals also help to track both the conversion rates and click through rates of PPC campaigns, which actually measure ROI through SEO reports.
  • Research of keyword: The keywords are really helpful for showing up the ads for the clients, who are interested in any business. Here the main goal is to match the keywords with the actual terms that the clients are in search of. In most of the cases, managing a keyword list needs a thorough analysis of price, search volume and competitiveness.
  • Quality score measuring: With the quality score, it is possible to measure relevance and general quality of the ads. With the quality score, it is also possible to get information on where an ad would be positioned.
  • Tracking conversion: Tracking the conversion is really beneficial in measuring the ROI. So, whether it is getting more newsletter signups, video views or phone calls, it is actually possible to track the actions of specific customers, which your ad leads to. To get accurate results, it is better to have the experts, who will set up the conversion tracking properly.

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Top 4 Hosting Plans of FatCow Website Hosting

5 Jun , 2017  

Website hosting services are hot cakes right now. Most of the website hosts provide a long list of services and charge us for that. These hosts are now very crucial in terms of business or even other purposes like educational, entertainment and more. When we’re talking about website hosting, FatCow Web hosting is a name we cannot miss, as on the FatCow reviews, here are the top 4 hosting plans offered by them and also a little insight into the plans.

Top 4 Hosting Plans of FatCow Website Hosting

FatCow dominantly provides four distinct kinds of website hosting services, and those are the WordPress blog, the Original FatCowPlan, dedicated servers and VPS services.

  • WordPress Blog

If you need to start a WordPress blog, you just have to sign up for FatCow’s WordPress blog hosting. The starter plan is priced at $3.75 mo, and the essential plan is priced at $6.95 mo. Both these plans have customizable control panel features, core hosting techniques, boosted speed, plug-ins, and other great features.

  • Original FatCowPlan

This is a shared hosting plan with an introductory price of $3.15 mo. The renewal of this plan costs $8.95 mo. The plan has features like unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and email addresses. You are also eligible for $50 social networking credits on signing up for this plan. This plan comes with a 1GB JustCloud storage as well as a website builder and domain name to get you going.

  • Dedicated servers

There are three options to choose from under the dedicated server plan. The first is the Start-up plan with 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 500GB storage, 5TB bandwidth. They have the Professional plan which is double of the Start-up plan, and lastly, you have the Enterprise plan with 4 cores, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage, 15TB bandwidth. The range of the dedicated server plans ranges from $119.99-$191.99 mo. The dedicated servers have independent control.

  • VPS Hosting

At FatCow you can avail three distinct VPS Hosting plans. The Basic plan comes with 1 core, 1GB RAM, 40GB storage, 1TB bandwidth. Then you have the Business plan with 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 90GB storage, 3TB bandwidth. Lastly, you have the Optimum plan with 4 cores, 8GB RAM, 120GB storage, 4TB bandwidth. The range varies from $19.99 to $79.99 mo for the three VPS hosting plan.

Apart from these affordable and very well designed hosting plans, there are two notable things about FatCow web hosting that are very mentionable, those are the discounts they provide and their hosting uptime.

  • Random discounts

FatCow is a happy place of discounts, and almost every time there are either weekend promotions or special knock-off discounts on a daily basis. The plan prices and additional charges are superbly splashed during those times.

  • Hosting uptime

The record time for FatCow hosting uptime has been captured to be 99.85-99.9{16cd9749b4e6ae0a718092ae409342854343a0416eb0039e1043995a2f72777a} accurate. This percentile values have remained constant for the past couple years.

These are the facts that you need to know about FatCow web hosting to have a sketchy idea about what they provide and the additional. For more details about their plans, just Google them.

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SQL Injection Attacks: What they are and why it’s necessary to check code to prevent future attacks

5 Jun , 2017  

SQL injection attacks

Structured Query Language, or (SQL), is a code injection technique that primarily focusses on attacked data-driven applications. It is mainly used to attack websites, (although can be used in other respects), and it takes advantage of any vulnerable points in a software’s security system.

What is an SQL injection?

To put it simply, SQL injection attacks poorly designed applications by injecting the computer with a malevolent code that then sits and waits in the applications database. The code is triggered when certain things are imputed into the application. For example; An application that could be running all the operations for a bank may require enabled permissions to access a person’s personal details; these details are attached to the customer in the system by what is known as data points. The data point in this example would or could be the customer’s social security number. When the customer is then searched in the system, this triggers the SQL query which, without the user knowing, runs a sort of ‘background check’ on the individual searched. However, this search actually ends up feeding hackers private and Sensitive information about that person.

There are two types of attacks that can be used first order attacks and second order attacks. First order sends information directly to the hacker; second order attacks are when the hacker injects data into the database to later be triggered. The above example is one of the easier ways in which SQL injection can be used, but there are many more intricate hacks for which SQL injection can be put to work.

Why is it necessary to check code to prevent future attacks?

Checking code, through the services of Checkmarx, is the best way to try to prevent any future attacks, solely due to the fact that any SQL injection will sit in the coding somewhere in the applications background database. So if you think about it, doing regular coding checks will make you more aware of what the code for your system looks like.  You will therefore be able to spot any irregularities in it, if there are any. Inspecting the text of the parameters to look for various key words can help to prevent SQL.

SQL is something that when injected into your application, can end up being very successful in hacking your databases and enabling the hackers access to information that would previously have been encrypted. Make sure that you check your coding regularly and that you have up to date and top of the line applications in place that can also help prevent future attacks from SQL injections.

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