Do You Still Need a Receptionist in the Office?

31 Jul , 2018  

Receptionist in the Office

In a time when businesses are cutting down their costs of operations to improve their profits, there is one question that many people ask – is a receptionist still essential? There are now alternatives that promise to be more cost-effective, such as, a sign-in app that works very much like an actual receptionist. But, will such innovations work to make visitors feel safe and welcomed? Continue reading and we’ll try to find an answer to this question.

The Death of the Traditional Receptionist

Especially in the case of big offices and corporate headquarters, a receptionist is indispensable. In fact, in one article from Forbes, the author notes that a clueless receptionist today can lead to a bankrupt business tomorrow. This is basically because the receptionist is the one who welcomes and bids farewell to visitors. It plays a major role in the image of the company and the emotions of the visitors.

However, in an effort to cut down on costs, many companies have decided to let go of the human receptionist. There are new technologies that can take over their role, or even perform the roles in a manner that is better.

The Rise of the Digital Receptionist

These days, many companies are no longer looking for traditional human receptionists. Instead, they are looking for digital receptionists. The latter will provide an advanced way of receiving visitors in the office and directing them to the contact persons. A normal process will work like this. Using a tablet, the visitor will sign in. they will leave their names, signatures, and a photo will be taken. They will also input the name of the person they are visiting. The person will be automatically notified. The technology will also issue visitor badges for proper identification.

The best thing about a digital receptionist is the fact that the company will be able to enjoy huge savings, especially in the long run. Even the initial cost of acquiring the program does not hurt the pocket, making it an ideal solution even for small businesses. You won’t have to think of giving a human receptionist monthly salary and incentives.

More so, a digital receptionist is also beneficial because it speeds up the process of receiving visitors. There is no human interaction, but things will proceed seamlessly, especially when the visitors understand how the process works.

Compared to not having any receptionist at all, a digital platform is better because it provides visitors with a feeling of security. It will also be easy to monitor who came to the office since the pictures will be taken.

With a digital receptionist, it will also be easier for the business to establish a positive brand image. Job applicants and potential clients who experienced the digital receptionist will surely be impressed.

At the end of the day, yes, a receptionist is still essential. However, it should be pointed out that it does not necessarily have to exist in the form of an actual person. It could be in the form of a virtual technology, such as a digital receptionist.

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Best Diy 3D Printer Kit on Amazon [2018]

30 May , 2018  

DIY 3D Printers

Gaining awareness on Best DIY 3D Printers

There are days where even people are not aware of even computer and other technology based devices.  People don’t know what printer means as everything done manual and the result is more time consumption. The knowledge of technology was totally absent In the olden days. Today things have been changed and people have started using computers and mobiles in such a way that it has become part of their lives. Even printers these days are used every where like malls, shops, schools, offices and if we buy even a single thing we are getting receipt through printers. Printers are just like a simple tool today as 3D printers have occupied the world today where prints are coming with 3D view to see the things accurately.

3D Printers: 3D pictures will give you the feeling of realness in the view of the thing as due to its feature of various dimensions.  In order to get clear view those images are printed using 3D printers.  To get the actual dimension of the image 3D printers are used for printing. 3D printers are also used for printing arts, logos, and posters. These tools have added benefits when you frame a model and want to get a view regarding it then can go with 3D printers to get the clear picture before investing money. Printing an image with your own 3D printers will save time, money and energy and if the same needs to be done in the market will change you more. Best Diy 3D Printer Kit on Amazon [2018]  will help in getting the clear view of the product and people will be able to understand in a better way but huge size images cannot be printed using 3D printers.  They are limited to small size.

Types of DIY 3D Printers:  when people are new to the printer technology can opt for the printers which will be easy to maintain and will not have any issues. Make sure the printer spare parts are available in the market and online as well in order to avoid any future problems. The quality of the product should also be considered and should ensure that the printer is printing even single detail. Make sure the product comes at a price affordable by you.

There are printers kit which are introduced by the manufacturers and are floating in the market and has many features and the main thing the user has to assemble the parts by seeing the guidance from the manual or through video At the same time the printer comes at lesser price and has features of durability and reliability and even quality is assured.  These printers can be purchased through online stores or through websites.

People aspiring for high quality can choose the printers which ensure high quality printing. These printers are also available in the market.  These devices have LCDs display and it will be easy for the users to operate. Heating plates will support in printing and the main benefit of these printers is it helps in printing large images.

People interested in getting printers are attractive and eye-catching can go for printers with good designs. Generally these printers will come with double fans system which will be very useful for printing and the printers are fully automated.


Backing Up PostgreSQL Database Using pg_dump

20 Mar , 2018  

Data – an essential aspect that keeps businesses running. As we are in the Internet of things era, almost every element of the business operations is already automated. That said, data is a crucial part so that a business can perform its usual task. Hence, it is important to keep that data protected all the time. Any moment that a business data is lost or compromised, it will potentially end up costing you a lot of money and resources.

For this reason, the importance of backing up your database could not be understated. Database backup helps to ensure that the quintessential business information is protected from damage, theft and other disasters including unpredictable natural disasters.

What is pg_dump Backup?

Using pg_dump backup is very useful for PostgreSQL database. Through it, backing up of a local database and restoring it to a database remotely at the same time is possible – using only a single command. In other words, you can have a highly customizable and convenient backup file that you can use to restore your database remotely from any host with access to the database.

How to Back up PostgreSQL Using pg_dump

There are two basic tools that PostgreSQL provide for the creation of logical backups namely pg_dump and pg_dumpall. pg_dumpall is the tool used when you want to backup all the data in an instance. On the other hand, pg_dump is used when you want to backup a single database.

pg_dump creates a .sql file using statements CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, and finally COPY SQL of the source database.

Here is a quick excerpt showing a practical sample of how to use pg_dump:

Backup: $ pg_dump -U { user name } { source_db } -f { dumpfilename.sql }

Meanwhile, should you want to restore the dump files, you can do so using the psql command.

So, Why Do We Need to Backup Anyway?

Database backup is an important IT practice. Databases contain information that is critical for the daily transactions of an organization and most especially for the business continuity.

An organization must be prepared for any disasters by ensuring proper data backup is in place. This also helps make disaster recovery much easier and quicker. Investing in data backups is beneficial for any business organizations for the following main reasons:

  • To protect your business

    Database backups help to protect the business from data loss which can cause business interruptions.

  • To safeguard your customer’s valuable information

    Whether you like it or not, you are obliged to protect not just your business information but more importantly your customer’s data.

  • To ensure business growth and sustainability in an event of tragedy or disaster
  • For the business owners and management’s peace of mind

Choosing a suitable database backup system is crucial for an organization to thrive in this modern business environment. There are many reasons why data loss can happen such as cyberattacks, human error, and natural calamities. Your best defense? Setting up a secure backup system. You should opt for a robust and reliable Cloud backup system like the CPM or Cloud Protection Manager from N2WS.

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Free Permaculture Training Online: Subjects Covered Under This Platform

16 Feb , 2018  

The field of permaculture is all about the message of sustainability. That has been associated with free introduction courses on online permaculture services. You will come to learn more about the information based on permaculture and the services categorized under this sector. You can start off with the basic of Free permaculture training online allotted under two modules or chapters. But in the end, you can always opt for the onsite or online courses, where you might have to pay a little bit of money for the course modules. It is good to go for the online courses, especially if you don’t have time to attend physical classes.

Things to learn:

Before you get your hands on the permaculture free courses online, you should know the points incorporated in the list. You will come to learn more about the permaculture techniques used for covering so many natural services. Right from working on homemade tofu making to homemade soap making, you will come to learn so many under the permaculture design courses. You will get detailed information on homemade cheese making, so that you can start making cheese at your place from the next time. You either can use the knowledge for preparing organic food at home, or can open up a small business later.

Types of courses available:

Make sure to learn more about the types of courses available before you jump right for the free online ones. You can always try your hands on the PDC+NBC combined courses or the natural building courses, as some of the other options available in this sector. Some of these courses might not be free in nature, but you can be lucky enough to get some discounts on some of those courses over here. So, without wasting any time further, start now for the course training.



Improve the Connectivity in Your Company with a Telecommunication Service Provider

10 Feb , 2018  

Telecommunication Service Provider

Communication plays a vital role to keep a company running smoothly. From small businesses to huge ones, each department must maintain a good communication at all cost. Aside from information dissemination, and announcements, file sharing must be established as well.

Right now, you can see companies engaging more with state-of-the-art technologies. Aside from the machines, you can also check data communications improving alongside. In which case, it makes the telecommunication service providers serve a great role in companies around the world. And, it’s a good idea to invest in improving your company’s data communication. Basically, it can promote productivity and cut the time relying on manual sharing of files.

The Essential in Improving Connectivity

As you can witness these days, virtual communication is rampant. People are using the internet to communicate and share some documents online. In reality, it’s not just the individuals who are relying on the data connection to make things work easier. In fact, even businesses can make use of network connectivity to lessen the time consumed in transferring data.

If you are familiar with networking, you may have already heard about WAN. For those who don’t have an idea, WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It is a network that covers a connection in a large-scale geographical area. It serves as a connector for different small networks. And, the network is the term that describes the connection between several computers.

Benefits of WAN

  • Boost Company Privacy – You can set the restrictions on the access of files and folders. And, unrelated connections are prohibited to join the network.
  • Centralized IT Infrastructure – Every department will have better communication inside the network. And, you can implement protocols in accessing various documents from various departments.
  • Cost-Efficient – Only the data cable and wireless connection will perform the transferring of files. Fetching, sorting, and updating documents will be done inside a network through the data connection.
  • Enhanced Network Uptime – There’s no waiting game. You can expect the files to be delivered within a specific timeframe. As long as there is regular maintenance, the connection will run smoothly as much as possible.

The benefits of WAN are exceptional. As part of the fundamentals, a WAN connection will allow the exchange and dissemination of files in your company. Actually, it doesn’t only work in a single building. Even in your different branches, the connection would still be available and achievable with a WAN.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Telecommunication Provider

Finding a team to set up the WAN in your company is not easy. Yet, it is always worth the try. From the options, you’ll find, try to consider the tips below. Do not get easily intimidated from the price offered by such companies. Take note, great results would also require good investment from you. Thus, it’s better to check all the details first before committing to specific options.

  • Collect Recommendations
  • Examine Each Contractor
  • Determine Customer Reviews
  • Check Customer Care Support
  • Identify Scope and Limitation
  • Examine Tools

You can see plenty of telecommunication contractors in your town. If you prefer to hire from another city, you still have to consider the tips above. Take time to reconsider your final decision until you are confident that it is a good choice. Listen to the reviews and sentiments of previous clients. In that way, you can picture out how their team will attend to your needs in the future. And, don’t miss out on reading completely the terms and conditions that apply in the partnership.