LifeLock Study Finds Benefits in Identity Theft Protection

23 Feb , 2017  

LifeLock Study Finds Benefits


If you’ve been thinking about purchasing an identity theft protection service but you’re just not sure how helpful it’s going to be, perhaps a recent survey will assist you in making the decision. This study, conducted by Harris Interactive, involved surveying over 3,000 Americans 21 years of age or older, some who were covered by identity protection plans and some who weren’t. One of the most telling results of the survey was the increase in peace of mind that the current subscribers had. Over 70% of subscribers indicated that they were highly satisfied with this aspect that comes from being covered.

Also, 64% of subscribers responded that they were confident that they would be safe from complications due to things like credit card fraud and breaches in Internet security. Only, 38% of non-subscribers responded in a similar fashion. And 79% of subscribers said that their plans help protect them in ways they wouldn’t be able to do without its assistance.

A few more interesting things to come out of the study are:

  • Those who were victimized while covered by a plan spent about half as much time resolving the issue as those who were not covered.
  • Covered individuals had their identities recovered in about a quarter of the time it took for non-covered individuals.
  • Plan holders spent about $345 on recovering their identities, instead of the average of over one thousand dollars that those who weren’t covered spent.
  • The majority of plan holders who were victimized reported that their plans alerted them to the potential of the fraudulent use of their information.

It’s important to note that LifeLock, the industry leader in identity theft protection, was a sponsor for this study. However, it’s also good to be informed of the fact that the individuals taking the survey did not know that this was the case, so as not to skew the results.

If you’re still not sold on an identity theft protection plan, please read our article titled Identity Protection, Do I Really Need It or peruse this site and find a plan that offers a free trial period. You may find that the peace of mind you get from simply having identity protection is more than worth the money. Plus, who knows? You may find that you sign up just at the opportune time, right before you become an identity theft victim. Then the time and money that you save may prove to be invaluable.

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Best Tips That Will Help Every Fresher To Become A Successful Web Designer!

15 Feb , 2017  

Web designing can indeed be the dream career for the people with great imagination and potential. Well, just like any other career, starting with web designing can first sound to be a bit difficult especially with the newcomers in the field.

However, with proper skills and interest, you are surely going to enjoy this career with pleasant income as well. So, read on to get some awesome tips on how to start your career and learn coding to ensure huge success!

How much time do you require to invest in before you land a full-time job?

Well, the exact time can be difficult to define since it varies from one individual to another. However, the average duration for it is around one year or so before you end up getting a full-time position as a web designer. Persistence is also needed to land the best job in a career that you desire to work in.

You should never adopt short cuts for any path. When it comes to starting the career in web designing too, you will need to work very hard every day to achieve your goal. Dallas Coding Acadeny can help your dream turn into reality and can help you to become one of the best web designers.

Trial, Error, and Repeat!

Implementing the concepts of web designing is very important. After all, unless you don’t try it out practically on your own, you won’t get any idea how things actually works. Hands-on experience plays a great role for the people that want to actually learn the things in depth and properly.

Once you will evaluate the practical effects of your learned concepts and your mistakes, you will likely learn the best approaches and ways to avoid them and to complete your work quickly. Always be ready to learn new techniques and implement them practically. Learn from the errors and you are sure to improve yourself with every passing day!

Experiment more to succeed!

Trying out new ideas should always be encouraged, especially if you want to pursue a career in the creative world of web designing regardless of your experience or expertise. No matter even if you don’t have any projects on hand currently, but you can always find new interesting functionalities and scripts.

Don’t worry about copyright issues when trying to learn from the experience by repeating or replicating some design. For instance, if you find some effect on the button on some site very interesting, just go ahead and try replicating that effect. You can even try out varying levels of the shadow effects on different web designing applications.

These kinds of experiments will definitely make you a good designer. Remember that once you will become a popular web designer, you will be an inspiration to others and people may likely replicate your designs too! If you are a fresher, the above article will surely provide you with enough encouragement that you need to start up your career as a web designer.

Just make sure to remain persistent and keep improving yourself. Try out new ideas and let your imagination fly! All the best!



Listen music on internet Radio

7 Feb , 2017  

There are a few ways you can listen to your most loved music without buying CD’s any longer. Everything from terrestrial radio to the recently built up satellite radio offers you the best music around. In any case, if you need to get the greatest assortment of music, internet radio stations are the approach.

There are a few benefits to internet radio stations over whatever other sort of music source. As the internet has kept on advancing, it has turned out to be progressively well known. While it has hardened rivalry with earthly radio and satellite radio, it is developing at an unfaltering rate and has started to build up an overwhelming audience base.

A standout amongst the most irritating aspects to fundamental radio is the consistent plugs that are played. If it were insufficient we need to see them on the TV, it is surprisingly more terrible listening to ads on the radio. A significant number of these radio channels appreciate the money related backing of different benefactors, helping the sites to get reserves. Online radio stations permit you to make tracks in an opposite direction from ads and simply listen to your most loved music. There are many stations that are 100 % business free.

Getting introduction to extra radio stations

Previously, radio stations used to take into account a specific city or nation. By utilizing internet radio, there is an otherworldly change in the capacity of the customers to get to DAB or FM radio stations, which transmit programs in their national dialects. Additionally, the menu of numerous internet radios permits their audience members to get to an extensive variety of choices, for example, nation or sort. This permits you to listen to the sort of music you adore, regardless of your land area on the globe. In this way, notwithstanding while being on remote land, you can listen to the radio projects of your own nation.

The choice to share media

In opposition to the conviction of a great many people, Internet radio is not only a method for listening to overall radio stations – most such radios additionally offer a music playing mode that empowers you to listen to music from different sources that might be accessible at your home. Case in point, you may play music, utilizing your home accumulation, rearrange through a playlist with the radio’s screen and listen through its speakers.

We can specify the internet excitement or the free radio stations that can be discovered on the internet. As per the name, these kinds of administrations don’t charge anything, so they are free. The individuals who need to utilize this sort of administration can join on the site of the administration and listen to the tunes that they like. It greatly helps the senior citizens to make their free time with enjoyment and also helps the homemakers and kinds of people to gain some more information and it also enhances the people to enjoy the music through the internet radio available in this website.

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SEO and Marketing

How Do You Find The Right Search Engine Optimizers In Melbourne?

3 Feb , 2017  

local seo by Stellar

If you would want to be successful in an online marketing business, you must ensure that you get steady traffic coming to your site daily. This is the only way of selling good products and services to the many online visitors within and outside your city.

The best method of getting good traffic to your site is the use of local seo by Stellar. This technique is very helpful for beginners in online marketing since it does not enquire a lot of startup capital yet has god returns in the long run.

If you have never been to school that teach search engine optimization, you should not worry. There are hundreds of thousands of service providers on the online sources. If you just click on the words SEO companies, you will be amazed by the results that you will get.

local seo by Stellar

You will be too excited about finding local seo by Stellar service online. And, you should be excited about picking the right one for you. You should be able to differentiate between the scammers and the legit companies that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Guidelines That Should Be Followed

In your search for SEO service providers,

  • Trustworthy and reliable businesses. You can go through the reviews to find out if you are working with trustworthy business people or not.
  • Company’s’ history and experience. You can talk to someone from the company and ask them questions on when they started the company and the number of clients that they have served ever since.
  • Find out about the techniques used. The tactics used to accomplish SEO task have continually changed, and every good company must keep in track with this.
  • There is need to do a thorough research on search engine optimization so that you can be sure of what you can expect from the companies.
  • You should be clear on the goals and objectives that you want to achieve using SEO.
  • You should also be certain about the target market and niche. Further, you should have set certain target in terms of profits that you need to make within a given period. This should then form the basis of the discussion that you have with the SEO companies.
  • You must avoid making a decision all by yourself concerning the service providers that you need to hire in SEO.

Find a Friend to Walk With You in SEO

The SEO Company should be your partner, helping you make big strides in online marketing. They should never use shortcuts and tricks that do not last for a long time. They should also honest enough to advice you when you are about to make wrong decisions in your business. More importantly, they should offer you affordable rates for the services offered.  You must however be patient, and not rush through the whole process if you want to make the right decision. 

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SEO and Marketing


13 Jan , 2017  

Congratulations on rolling out your online venture. The next thing you need to focus on is making sure that there is a fairly steady flow of quality content. This is very important since it is what would help keep your customers engaged. Though easier said than done, you can expect to have a tough time creating and curating content. It is very important to understand the fact that an overwhelming focus on creating content can detract you and draw your attention from your core business activities. As a result of all of this, your revenues and profitability could easily dwindle. Long story short, in case you have any kind of content woes, you should know now that the best panacea is content mart. This is because it has the capacity to completely resolve all of your content issues within a short period of time.

Content Marketplace with a distinction

One of the best things about contentmart is the fact that it places a lot of emphasis on making sure that all of your content requirements and preferences are all fulfilled. It is important to understand the fact that this online marketplace does not prioritize generation of profits but is instead more focused on connecting freelance writers with clients and primarily advocating for the creation of quality content. More specifically, contentmart is more focused on catering to the needs of a section of digital marketers and businesses which seemingly require superior quality content to help increase traffic and revenue generation

It is equally very important to note that content at the moment has slightly more than 10,000 proficient and highly experienced freelancers. You will be happy to learn that each and every freelance writer brings on board a unique set of freelancer writing skills. It is also worth noting that the freelancers also share a common feature and that is the fact that they are all talented and extremely capable of generating captivating, well-thought and most importantly original content bound to capture target audiences, site visitors and other online visitors. .

As a matter of fact, these same writers also have an uncanny ability to create content for different online quarters ranging from simple articles, product reviews and blogs to unique website content and other relevant social media content. Simply put, regardless of the precise nature of the content that you are interested in, expect contentmart freelancer’s to create the perfect copy for your preferred consumption.

Quality Content now just a click away courtesy of contentmart

Another good thing about Contentmart is the fact that its client / user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Just so you know, using this same interface, you would be able to easily control each and every aspect of your projects. As a matter of fact, you will have the privileged to select the writer, how much to pay, as well as when the project should be delivered. In addition to all of the above expect to have the final say in terms of accepting or rejecting the work that is submitted by the freelancer who would have worked on your order. Simply put, besides simply giving you the ability to control the quality of your content, you are also presented with the opportunity to ensure that the content meets your personal requirements and preferences.

Everything taken into consideration, in case you have content issues, the best solution is contentmart. Not only would contentmart solve your content problems, it also serves as a guarantee to enjoy more organic traffic, higher search engine rankings and most importantly improved online credibility. That said,  do not let content issues adversely affect your online based ventures, instead, focus on taking advantage of contentmart for a chance to have experienced freelancers create high quality content (on your behalf)  that guarantees you’re the desired results.

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